Dub vs. Sub (Which one is really better for anime’s?)

I will recieve some hate for this post, but what really is better English dub or sub for anime’s. For years anime publishers

are releasing English dub versions of their Japanese counterparts. Some anime purists are outraged by this notion

stating that the content and the emotions of the anime are ruined or not clearly manifested or translated. But some

people including me beg to differ, though there dubs that are just plain ugly and down right useless, but still there

are some anime’s that are dubbed nicely that the voice acting can rival those of the Japanese and some circumstances

like in Cowboy Bebop, even surpassing it.

So which one is better, well I have to give it to sub, because most of time they nail the right voice cast, even though

its Japanese but still you can still feel the emotions. But still there are some great English dubs that are worth your time

Cowboy Bebop is only one of a very long list of anime’s that are dubbed on par of their Japanese counterparts.

But as for me if there is a good dub, I won’t hesitate to take it up, because it can provide a better experience

listening to a language that you could and relate and understand just provides the viewer with a better overall  experience. If all else fails there still the sub.




  1. ciddypoo

    Different strokes for different folks. Watch whatever you like. It doesn’t make you any less of a fan no matter how you do it. It’s another format to view the work, much like the differences between a visual novel, light novel, manga and anime.

    • alymere


      You have a point there… Because a lot of people are telling me that English dub is just plain useless, it hasn’t got the essence of anime anymore. Love too see open minded persons such as yourself…

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