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Ghost Hunt Review (aggregate score 88)

The anime is quite unique wherein it was able to blend in the super natural phenomenon with hard core scientific explanation. This anime will surely get you thinking.

The Anime in a nutshell:

The anime focuses mainly solving paranormal occurrences at a given place, this will include
occasional ghostly encounters and hauntings. The group is mainly composed of people with
varying spiritual beliefs, which makes their suitable contribution in the whole anime series.

Storyline 45/50 The whole concept and story is quite good, although some parts of the anime
are down right boring, and if you’re not paying attention to small details you
can get easily confused. Make sure that you have a handy dictionary while
watching this because some terms in the English dub are quite deep and

Animation 25/30 The character design is good but not a total stand off, the details in the
places and locations are quite good, the overall rendering of the scenes
clean and logical.

Sound 18/20 The sound effects are good, the English dub is okay, it’s not record breaking but
delivers the right thought and content, the script is translated nicely. The downside
is some voices are stale, and the soundtracks for the anime is not that engaging.
But coincides with the theme rather well.

Overall: a good anime which will surely give you the goosebumps.


Ghost Hunt Main Characters